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How long do nicotine pouches last?

The shelf life for nicotine pouches, or snus, varies according to the type of snus. The main thing to remember is that these pouches are considered a perishable good and should ideally be kept refrigerated between 4°C and 8°C. If the snus is stored correctly, then the shelf life of the product could be up […]

Can you reuse snus pouches?

A snus pouch is generally meant to be a disposable product, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be recycled. Recycling snus pouches will, however, mean that you’re sacrificing quality in terms of both aroma and taste, and you also run the risk that the pouch will give you a dry mouthfeel the second time around. […]

Why Do Nicotine Pouches Burn?

New users of nicotine pouches often find that they experience a slight burning sensation under the lip where the pouch lies. While some users really enjoy this added sensation and even refer to it as “the burn before the buzz”, others feel like their gums are on fire. So, why might this be and what […]

Can nicotine pouches help you quit vaping?

Nicotine pouches are a form of snus that is tobacco-free. However, these pouches include nicotine obtained from natural tobacco or even from synthetic tobacco in some cases. After snus got banned in many EU countries in 1992, a Swedish snus maker introduced nicotine pouches in 2003 that quickly started to gain popularity as a substitute […]

What are the best nicotine pouches?

There are various types of Nicotine pouch brands that you can choose from. However, some of these brands stand out in terms of quality and flavour. One of these brands is LYFT. This is a well-known brand that is manufactured by British American Tobacco and sold in Sweden and the UK. In most cases, the […]

What do nicotine pouches feel like?

Tobacco and other nicotine products have been one of the most loved recreational substances for a long time. People have found several ways to enjoy the buzz of this gift from nature, and many more ways are being discovered. However, not every form of nicotine gives the same hit, and which kind you choose to […]

Does nicotine pouches break a fast?

Fasting is when people skip meals for religious or health reasons. Mostly, fasting restricts when one eats and that usually happens on a schedule, such as on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. People engage in fasting for various reasons, such as health, mental clarity, fitness, but it’s mostly for religious reasons. For example, many […]

Can nicotine pouches help you quit smoking?

Nicotine pouches can be called a tobacco-free version of traditional snus. These pouches, however, contain nicotine derived from tobacco or sometimes even synthetic tobacco. Due to the traditional tobacco-based snus ban in most EU countries, nicotine pouches began to become popular when they were introduced in 2003 as a close alternative to the Swedish snus. […]

Where are ON! nicotine pouches made?

On! is an exciting brand that offers nicotine pouches to discerning consumers. These dry and discreet portions are packed in a slim can that can fit just about anywhere enabling you to carry it when you’re out and about. On top of this, On! pouches are available in a huge number of different flavours so […]

Are Nicotine Pouches Allowed on Planes?

If you like using nicotine pouches and you are planning to travel by air, you may want to know if nicotine pouches are allowed on planes. It is well-known that smoking is not allowed on planes in most parts of the world. However, snus is a smokeless tobacco-alternative that gives users the amazing sensation that […]