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Can nicotine pouches help you quit vaping?

Nicotine pouches are a form of snus that is tobacco-free. However, these pouches include nicotine obtained from natural tobacco or even from synthetic tobacco in some cases. After snus got banned in many EU countries in 1992, a Swedish snus maker introduced nicotine pouches in 2003 that quickly started to gain popularity as a substitute to the traditional snus. Nicotine pouches are being used as NRT, the short form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, for quite some time now, along with snus and other alternatives for quitting smoking. However, quitting vaping, which itself is mainly a type of NRT, with nicotine pouches is an interesting topic on its own merit.

Nicotine pouches vs traditional snus

Nicotine pouches and traditional snus differ primarily in the fact that the former has no tobacco content, while the latter has a significant amount of tobacco content along with strong tobacco flavour. Several snus types even have over 7% tobacco with salt and sodium bicarbonate. In contrast, nicotine pouches use black tea leaves in place of tobacco leaves, with salt and artificial additives for flavouring. Nicotine pouches and traditional snus both can be obtained as either loose or sized portions. Nicotine pouch has a unique benefit in that it is always white, which means that unlike traditional snus, it will not stain teeth.

Effectiveness of using nicotine pouches as NRT for vaping

For smoking cessation, will power is considered to be the most effective element. Many smokers pick up vaping as an NRT to help them quit smoking. In the process, however, some get addicted to vaping itself. Though vaping is believed to be less harmful than smoking, it still reaches the human respiratory system and nicotine pouches, being an oral NRT, are fundamentally safer. Vaping is a relatively new method without any scientific data. However, it is safe to assume that nicotine pouches, being an effective NRT for smoking, should be equally or more effective for quitting vaping for those who need it as well.