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Does nicotine pouches break a fast?

Fasting is when people skip meals for religious or health reasons. Mostly, fasting restricts when one eats and that usually happens on a schedule, such as on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. People engage in fasting for various reasons, such as health, mental clarity, fitness, but it’s mostly for religious reasons. For example, many Muslims fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Here, Muslims fast for forty days from dawn to sunset. During Ramadan, there are things which one is prohibited from doing and if one does them, they break the fast – and these include even swallowing of saliva.

Things prohibited during fasting

During fasting, those who are addicted to using substances, such as alcohol, khat, cigarettes etc, find it very hard to cope. This is because one is not allowed to use them during the fast as by doing so they would have to break the fast. During this period, nicotine pouches come in handy for those who are addicted to cigarettes and this is because they are allowed to be used during the fast. This has helped those who cannot cope going without them or without cigarettes for a long period to be able to observe the fasting rules set for observing the fast.

Does use of nicotine pouch really break a fast?

The use of nicotine pouches has brought a lot of controversies, or debates, over whether using them while fasting will break the fast or not. Some argue that if the fast is being done for religious purposes, with some sort of purification in mind, the use of snus and nicotine pouches will simply break that concept. Why embark on a road to purity just to defile it with nicotine? Others say that the simple fact that swallowing saliva will break the fast so it’s not advisable to use it. However, the use of a nicotine pouch can be extremely important as an aid to control anxiety, even during fast.