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white can nicotine pouches

How long do nicotine pouches last?

The shelf life for nicotine pouches, or snus, varies according to the type of snus. The main thing to remember is that these pouches are considered a perishable good and should ideally be kept refrigerated between 4°C and 8°C. If the snus is stored correctly, then the shelf life of the product could be up to 14 weeks for the loose variant, up to about 20 weeks for the portions and for the dry portions, the shelf life can get up to 30 weeks. For anything beyond these limits, it’s recommended that snus be frozen as it can be kept in a frozen state for up to one year.

Frozen snus

Snus packaged in paper cans should first be thawed out in the refrigerator so that any condensation does not dissolve the seal, which is made of glue. Snus can be frozen again after it has been thawed out but it might not be of the same consistency and moisture level as before. Therefore, it’s better to store snus in a refrigerator. Luckily, when snus dries out, it doesn’t become toxic. All that happens is that it loses its flavour and aroma. Always follow what the label indicates in terms of the best-before date. Snus cannot be re-hydrated, so make sure it does not dry out in the first place.

Snus is biodegradable

The whole blend of snus in a nicotine pouch is biodegradable and this also includes the actual paper. The snus blend breaks down quickly, but the paper will typically take a bit longer as there are some binding agents added to the paper manufacturing process. As the snus blend is composed of tobacco plant materials, composting is possible as it is broken down naturally. On the other hand, do not attempt to compost portion snus, as the teabag-like casing of the portion consists of cellulose fibers. The rest of the packaging, such as the cans and lids, can be recycled.